Fall Declutter

Do you ever wake up and feel extremely heavy? Like you need to clear out some aspects of your life?


Well this happens to me about 4 times a year. Call it every season lol.

Generally I wake up and just go on an intense cleaning streak. Throwing out clothes I haven’t worn in months, shoes that haven’t seen the light of day in forever and books I haven’t read in years.

Earlier this week I did some major cleaning. Probably my biggest yet. I woke up took out my notebook and wrote down all the things I wanted to get rid of and all the things I needed to get back organized.

Here are a couple pieces I picked up from my go to, Target, that helped me declutter:

This Madesmart Shelf Riser is by far the smartest item I’ve seen for a desk. It’s so practical yet you won’t see it everywhere.


Then I had to get this Room Essentials Compartment organizer for my jewelry. I tend to just throw my jewelry on any open surface I can find and then when it comes time for me to wear them I’m struggling.


And lastly was this much needed 3-Cube Organizer Shelf which came in handy as a night stand and storage space. I also bought a green fabric cube to stick in one of the spaces for those things I didn’t want to leave out.


I hope you guys found these helpful and feel free to comment your decluttering ideas below. After all I’ll be at it again come December lol


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