Facebook vs Instagram: Is Instagram taking the shine?

As marketers we know that social media is imperative in any marketing plan that is implemented, but how do you know which platforms are best for your business? In laying the foundation for a social media campaign, two of the key tools to include are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is the godfather of social media, where you can share whatever you want- your thoughts and opinions, photographs and videos, resume and articles, to your mood and desires. Everyone is on it and it’s impossible as a business to ignore it. In the beginning of businesses using Facebook, regardless of your target market, there was always a way to reach them via Facebook. Now, as simple as Facebook seems to be, with their new algorithms in place, businesses are now limited as to how they can reach their audience. Unfortunately, unless you have a huge budget and time to invest in Facebook campaigns your efforts will be in vain. Even with all the resources, you won’t be able to reach your audience unless Facebook deems you relevant and worth discussing.

On the other end is Instagram- an extremely user friendly platform that is strictly designed with photo sharing in mind. In every way that a marketer sets to promote or advertise their business on Instagram is with use of appealing images and very little words. Instagram builds communities with use of hashtags that describe interests, hobbies, trends and locations and connects them on a daily basis. The appeal of Instagram is its lack of clutter and the feeling of content not being forced on you. Users can easily scroll and like images or scroll and ignore that which they don’t. Instagram connects with the users without the need of words. The context is all in the image. Either they like it or they don’t. If they do, users will dig a little deeper and go to your profile, follow your page, contact you or click on the link in your bio.


One thought on “Facebook vs Instagram: Is Instagram taking the shine?

  1. Avery Rainey says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I loved your comment of how Facebook is the Godfather of social media. It is a valuable connection for myself personally as I live far away from my family and with Facebook, they can see what we are up to along with photos to accompany.

    Thanks again!


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