#Insurance: How does the Insurance Industry use Social Media?

Just like any other industry, insurance companies have discovered the value of social media in their marketing strategies. But are they using social media to its full potential? When I think companies that are trendy and hip to the social media realm, I don’t think insurance.

Insurance companies tend to dish out facts and statistics that they believe their customers want to see but in reality, the point of social media is to show that there are actual people behind the walls of a brand, regardless of the industry. Some Insurance companies have captured the understanding of this concept by assigning accounts to real employees in their companies to be the voice or like Geico whom has an official Twitter page for their mascot the Gecko.


I am the marketing specialist at major insurance company, and just like the majority, my company shares content daily that are of course relevant, but not always the most engaging. Primarily my company uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share with customers but could also make use of Instagram. Similarly to Geico, my company has a mascot that they could create a personality for or make use of personalities within the company to be the voices outside the four walls.

Work in the insurance industry? Check out this article for more ideas on how insurance companies and be more successful on social media.


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