Coverage at Your Fingertips

The average American checks their phone at least 85 times a day (Chang, 2015), that’s almost 5 hours a day of browsing the web and apps! I know I’m constantly checking my phone whether it be for a text, emails, social media updates- our phones do it all. Which is why every industry has made it a point to develop mobile apps to appeal to their customers.

In this day and age, it’s inconvenient to not offer mobile options such as making a purchase by phone, filling out applications, shareable content and video conferencing. For example, Starbucks allows customers to skip the lines and pay via their mobile app, you can refill prescriptions on CVS Pharmacy’s app, and make a dinner reservation on the Opentable app.

Mobile application is even taking over the insurance industry. Consumers can now check the rates they are eligible for, upgrade, add or subtract from their coverage plans and pay their monthly bills on various insurance apps. Some of the coolest insurance apps are:

  • Nationwide: Provides safety tips along with links to purchase safety items they suggest to have in you home and/car. You can also share these safety tips on social.


  • Allstate- Goodride: Offers motorcyclists best route options, gas station locations, maintenance checklists and access to roadside assistance. You can also share your trips on Twitter and Facebook.



  • Liberty Mutual: Helps customers keep a mobile inventory of their personal belongings – microwave, blenders, bicycle, flat screens- designed for preparation in the even of loss or theft.


At the rate these apps are growing, you’ll barely need an agent to help you with your insurance needs.

(Images from: Insurance & Technology)

Source: Chang, L. (2015)


2 thoughts on “Coverage at Your Fingertips

  1. angelajobbe says:

    Great post! I too check my phone a ton throughout the day and do most of my daily activities on it. I think it’s important for companies to create useful apps for their business because it’s the way most people interact with each other and companies, do much of their shopping, read books, date, and lots of other things! I’d say at this point, companies that are not social are most definitely behind the times and missing out on a huge audience.


  2. Avery Rainey says:

    I have Allstate and I feel like I am in good hands…ha ha! Thanks for comparing the selection above. I feel like anymore, every service provider should offer an app to their organization as a way to stay on top of technology. Most, like you mention above, are moving mobile and using their phones more as once they were only using PC’s because, well, that is all that was available. Like the comment above, if the companies are not social, then they are behind. Thanks for bringing a snapshot to my eyes.


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