Viral Marketing Initiatives

You ever noticed that the most popular campaigns are the ones dictated by consumers? That’s because when a consumer feels: a) they have an impact on a business’ decisions and b) when the business acknowledges that they have no business without the consumers. In return, the consumer shares the company’s campaign with their friends and family because they feel appreciated.

Top Five Characteristics of a Viral Marketing Campaign

1.     Engaging, Unique Content

2.     Socially Sharable

3.     Consumer Endorsed/ User-Generated Content

4.     Visually Appealing

5.     Tells a Story/ Emotional

An example of a marketing campaign that embodied the meaning of going viral is “Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. The campaign visualized the way that women don’t see how beautiful they really are vs. what others see. Dove uploaded the uplifting video in 25 languages to 33 of its official YouTube channels, reaching women in more than 110 countries. Dove achieved success by making their consumers the core of the campaign—tugging at the heart strings. The video gained more than 114 million views and 3.8 million shares in the first month (Ankeny, 2014)


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