Future Brand Implications: Social Media

Companies are beginning to notice that digital marketing may be the way to the hearts of their customers. In such realization, social media has become the platform for consumers to share whatever it is that comes to their mind. What consumers love sharing most are their experiences, whether it be good or bad. Now the major understanding that businesses need to take not of is that a consumer’s experience can range great customer service to poor product design—everything that occurs when a customer shops for or purchases a product, uses a service, or tries to resolve an issue, contributes to their experience.

Over the years, it has become apart of the process for consumers to go on social media to check out if their peers are purchasing the products they want or using the services they’d like to try.  In fact, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.


The newest and future implication that brands will want to hop on the wagon for is the use of social media influencers as brand ambassadors. In a recent study done by Acorn, 84% of marketers attested to planning on launching at least one influence campaign within the next 12 months. An example of a brand that has gained increased popularity over the past two years is Flat Tummy Tea. The health brand has been able to attain paid endorsements from thousands of beauty and fitness figures like @itsmyrayeraye but also celebrities like the Kardashian sisters—the Kardashian sisters combined have over 217 million followers on Instagram alone and that does not include the two youngest Jenner sisters. Flat Tummy Tea has been able to capture the interest of not only digitally engulfed Americans, but consumers worldwide. Even I have to admit that I’ve tried Flat Tummy Tea myself because of the positive reviews from the public figures that I follow.

Bigger brands are still stuck in their ways with traditional paid advertising, but if the desire is to dominate the digital realm, influencer marketing is definitely the key ingredient to a brand’s success. Giving consumers an experience that they crave, through those that they admire, will take any brand, big or small, to the next level of marketing.


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